“Manage by yourself your commercial credit risk”

You could manage by yourself the decision about your client’s commitment and collection. You’ll be free to manage and take the risks you need, according to your credit management’s methods.




  • Made-to-measure insurance
  • Cover of insolvency and protracted default related to trade transactions
  • Policy parameters decided by the insured : Liability/capacity (total risk borne by Credendo – Excess & Surety), Deductible (risk retained by the insured), Premium related to the capacity requested
  • Up to 100% above deductible
  • Extension to sales contracts can be covered by additional costs: WIP, pre-delivery risk, consignment stock, contract termination, binding orders, etc.



  • Made-to-measure programme based on credit management procedures without interference from the insurer
  • Full autonomy of the credit manager
  • Peace of mind in the event of unforeseeable and exceptional loss
  • No extra administrative work required
  • Certainty of payment of your receivables


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